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Adrian Hughes
Mobile: 07442530091
Work/Office: 016332902337
“I want to support my team in way I can in work or with issues outside work. I am here to support and listen to any problems any of the people working with me might have.”
Adriano Lucchesi
Alan Carling
Mobile: 07841038606
Work/Office: 07841038608
“I have worked with people with mental health issues and voluntary work with Hospice on the end of life ward. I found this to be deeply fulfilling, showing compassion and empathy, and knowing that person’s life is short. You are not alone – No matter how hard you feel about talking, there is always someone to offer support and understanding. “
Alistair Macleod
Andrei Popa
Mobile: 07738989268
Work/Office: 01926359647
“We`re travelling very tough times and we can all go through anything if we`re there for each other.”
Andrew Martin
Mobile: 5752880414
“I have always made myself readily available to anyone that has needed someone to talk to, or needed support. This was just another step to solidify my desire to be an ear or guide.”
Ann Ritchie-Cox
Mobile: 447787153892
Work/Office: 447787153892
“Sometimes we need a hand on our back, someone to lean on. If I can help someone who’s struggling I want to be there. (Leamington, Paris and Livingston)”
Anthony Blackwell
Mobile: 07966614595
Work/Office: 07966614595
Bryan Say
Mobile: 07403604683
Work/Office: 4197314886
“I became an I Am Here Ambassador to be accessible by individuals who might be struggling that need someone to talk to.”
Caroline Ferry
Mobile: 3306759489
Work/Office: 3304696958
“I became an Ambassador because I think it is an extremely good fit with working in Human Resources. Especially during unprecedented times such as global pandemics, it seems that it is only human to be impacted by all of the swift changes and new practices. It is a sound network, and makes you realize there are several options of helping those who are struggling in our employment family.”
Daniel Makin
David “tex” Green
Mobile: 07913493136
“I find this sort of thing interesting and thought it will be worth it.”
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